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Religious Cruises: Kosher and Christian cruises

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If you’re a very religious person, going on vacations can sometimes be hard. You might wonder : How will I manage to attend to religious services? What if there are planned activities that aren’t suitable for me? Will they serve the kind of food I eat?

There’s an ideal vacation for any religious person: Faith-based traveling. There are dozens of religious-oriented cruises.
Some of them are:

Christian- based cruises

All-Christian Cruises line offers religious seminars, workshops and special concerts. You can also take part in meetings with Christian communities from the different ports of call. There are Christian cruises planned for singles, families or couples, or even more specific public, like the “Mothers and Daughters Cruise”.  

Other Christian Cruise line is JRI, which promises “spiritual renewal”, lots of Christian music in exclusive concerts, and also humor shows.  

Kosher Cruises for Jewish travelers

Sail the seven seas without leaving your kosher lifestyle behind. Since 1996, Kosherica offers mainstream, luxury cruises specially prepared for the Jewish community.  Kosherica offers kosher meals prepared daily by famous chefs in the styles of Glatt Kosher, Cholov Yisroel and Pas Yisroel.  Passengers can also attend to different lectures and enjoy world-renowned Jewish entertainment, like Dudu Fisher and Mordechai Ben David.

Crystal Cruises also offer special 6-star Kosher cruises in their Crystal Serenity ship. There are six different itineraries in Europe planned for 2009. Apart from Jewish entertainment and certified kosher food, some of the on-shore excursions will be of jewish interest.

Eddie’s Travel and Lasko are other lines that offer Kosher Cruises.

Special diets on regular cruise lines

Even when the cruise isn’t a religious-oriented tour, all cruise lines respect your religion and convictions, and you can ask to be served special meals (vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Vegan, etc.) If you need a special menu, remember to request it in advance.