European Cruises Deals

Information you need to know before boarding your Cruise

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Documentation, Insurance, Baggage, Identification and payment, Tipping, Communications, Meals, Children, Pets and everything else that you need to know before taking the cruise of your choise.

These mainly depends on the coutries that the cruise will touch. Please ask your company for details but in general your passport will be enough for Europe. Some destinations may require a passport with at least 6 months validity after return and in other countries you can not go ashore without a Visa. You must carry a credit card if you want to pay gratuities and for the purchases you may make on the boat.

It is advisable to get an insurance for any mishaps which you may find during the trip. Some companies incorporate a basic insurance.

the boat does not charge extra for excessive baggage. The cloth will depend on the season and the cruise itinerary. For excursions  wear light and comfortable clothing. On te boat you will wear casual clothing, sportswear and swimwear. Don't forget to pack and evening dress or party dress for ladies and a suit or tuxedo for men (this is not mandatoy but will be recommended for the the galas).

When arriving to the departure port you will have to deliver the luggage to the Maritime Station porters, who will then transfer it to the cabin.

Identification and payment:
After leaving the bags you will do the check In and passport control (if necessary). You must define how you are going to pay for the extras on the boat, cash or credit card. If you choose to pay cash, you must deposit an amount of money on the first day (usually € 200). After that you will get and Id Card which you must carry at all times. Is a magnetic card which serves to identify you when you leave and come back to the ship. The card is also the key to enter your cabin and it is use to pay for everything on  board. On the boat you can not pay anything Cash, everything is paid with this card and at the end of the cruise you will receive the bill for everything spent and you are charged on the credit card that you presented on the first day.

Normally, in Europe tips are not included in the cruise fare. And, in generl, tips are charged on te half of the trip. Every ship has the tips ammount pre-established and if you don't agree with that you should tell that while boarding the first day.

Communications on the boat:
If you have service you can use your on phones during the tripo. Satellite phones are an alternative but is quite expensive. There is also Internet and WiFi but usually you must pay extra for these services.

Getting Informed
Every night you will recieve on your cabin a brochure that explains everything that is going to happen on the boat during the next day. From meal times, performances, time of ports arrival and departure, etc. You can also ask the reception anything during the 24 hours.

What if I get sick?
There is always a doctor and nurses onboard that can assist you in office hours or in during an emergency. The boat has the most common medications, but I recommend you to take from home any medication that that you may need. The medical service is not included in prices, although some companies will include an insurance.

Can children go?
The boats usually have special areas for kids, animation teams, videogame, and more. Parents can enjoy their time knowing that th kids will be secure and having a great time. On some companies children also for travel free paying only the fees and the tips.

Can I bring my pet? 
Any type of animal is not allowed on board.

Is there a Laundry Service?
You can count on this service. The price list is usually in the cabin or requesting it tothe cabin crew.

How is the food organized?
All cruises are full board (excluding beverages in most cases). Meals are usually very elegant in both presentation and content.

Breakfast: You can take in the cabin or at the various restaurants. Usually from 07.00 to 10.00 hrs.
Lunch: Usually buffet from 12:00 to 16:00 hrs.
Mid-afternoon: Tea or coffee from 16.30 to 17.00 hrs.
Dinner: On almost all boats there are 2 shifts: At 19:15 hours (approx.) or at 21:00 hours (approx.)
Mid-Night: The famous 24 hs. buffet.

When booking your cruise you must say which dinner shift you prefer. You will be assigned a table and some dinner-mates for the entire cruise. You have the possibility of changing shifts on the boat.

Except for some all-inclusive cruises, drinks are not included on the cruise price.

Arriving Back:
When arriving to the final port you will be asked to leave your bags on the cabin door before certaing time. After landing you will collect them on the terminal.